Why Lubricants are Important?

Sex is not all hunky-dory. Here’s what happens during sex,

Dry and rough private parts create friction against each other……erect, hard penis sliding into dry, creaky vagina struggling to get in…..the pain vaginal entrance go through and the rashes and irritation afterward.

It’s tough to get in there and have smooth “porn-like” strokes. So what do you do? You add external wetness.

Couples at times, use their saliva during sex because it’s readily available. But, here’s something you should know.

  1. Saliva is loaded with bacteria from our oral cavity.
  2. Saliva will not suffice for the wetness needed for satisfactory sex.
  3. Saliva dries up quickly and won’t last long.
  4. The bacteria in the saliva can cause reactions or allergies.

Thinking of petroleum jelly or coconut oil now?? Better Not!!

  1. Firstly it’s difficult to wash off.
  2. Both can harm the PH balance in the vagina, leading to yeast infection.
  3. They are not always compatible with latex condoms.
  4. Can clog the pores of the vagina.
  5. Stains your clothes and bedsheets.

Enter sex lubricants-

Sex lubes or personal lubricants are gels that add much-needed wetness around the private areas. It can be used by either of the partners on their private parts. It helps to make the Vagina/Anus wetter and fixes dryness issues which helps in smoother penetration. Using this makes the penis slide in and out without pain or friction. It can easily change your sexual journey – From Painful to Pleasurable.

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