4 practical first-time sex tips you need to read before sex!

Sex is a beautiful experience that shouldn’t make you nervous.

Here are a few hands-on tips to drill into your mind before you proceed with your first-time sex. –

1. Have lots and lots of foreplay

Have lots and lots of foreplay on first time sex

Indulge in heavy kissing, cuddling, necking, grinding, dry humping, mutual masturbation, and oral sex. In this way, you will feel more comfortable and more turned on for the actual act.

2. Get to know your own body

Get to know your own body first time sex tips

You can have really great sex if you know what turns you on. Most people masturbate using sex toys to explore their bodies which is completely natural. It is also fun to use them with your partner. So you can figure out what feels pleasurable for both of you.

3. Use a gel-based lubricant 

MOI Seal breaker virgin sex lubricant

First-time sex has more instances of hurting and feeling uncomfortable. Have a water-based lubricant like the MOI Aqua in hand and use it right before the first penetration. The smoothness from the lubricant gel makes the penis go in easily without any friction and the wetness makes sex all the more enjoyable. Don’t dare using saliva or coconut oil and all that crap. Not only is it unhygienic but it’s also gross to use for such a special occasion.

4. Sex talk

Sex talk on first time sex

Don’t forget to communicate while you are in the act. Not asking you to have long, long conversations. We are talking about simple words like ‘Oh yes’, ‘Wait’, ‘Softer’, ‘Harder’. This way you both can understand what’s working and what isn’t.

5. Don’t try acrobatics

Don’t try acrobatics in first time sex

Sure you may have unique fantasies….doggy style, leg on the neck, and whatnot. But, for the first time, stick to the good old missionary. It will keep you both at ease and comfortable. It also is an overall enjoyable position.

You can also indulge in Bedroom Sex Games, BDSM Toys, and Couples Vibrators to make your first-night sex more memorable. 

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