You want to get more serious about your sexuality. You have recently discovered a treasure trove of sensations in your backdoor, so anal play has become a ritual during your solo play, including your intimate moments with your man who loves to dick your bum. You started with soft and light materials like silicone, but you are craving for a fuller feeling in your anal canal. If this is what you desire, then our Spiral Jeweled Steel Butt Plug will fill you up!

The spiral design stretches your anal rim and canal gradually, which you will find super stimulating. With your partner ” s helping hand, relish every inch of it going deeper into your rectum. From the top, the girth starts narrow; then it gets wider up until the middle. At this point, its diameter gets narrow again, leading to the slim neck followed by a flared base.

The properly-sized neck gives your sphincter muscles to rest on so you ” ll have maximum comfort while it stays plugged for a certain duration. The base is wide enough to prevent the toy from slipping where it shouldn ” t be. With all these well-thought-of details, you ” ll surely have peace of mind while you leave it plugged inside your rectum.Begin with the smallest then work your way up to the largest. Anal play isn ” t intended only for one gender. So long as you have a backdoor to explore, this set of butt plug  would be a great addition to your arsenal of sex toys.

Women would find having a full bum addicting during vaginal penetration. It enhances contractions and spasms during orgasms. Steady in the bum, men would love the massage it gives to their prostate. You see, it doesn ” t only prepare your arse for a bigger guest, but it also stimulates those thousands of nerve endings in your bunghole.


Jewel: Acrylic Crystal

Plug: Stainless Steel

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